My first travel experience

When I have a thought of writing travel information, planning and experience sharing blog, I was in a state of confusion, where to start and what to share.

Finally, I decided to start from my childhood because I can have a chance to share more information about in the past and compare with the present in the terms for transportation, culture, facilities etc. I start recalled all my childhood memories and find out my first travel experience was holy river dip and worship at Godavari Puskaram. It was really awesome and the experience and visiting new places still continues.

My Village

Teki is one of the wonderful villages in the coastal Andhra Pradesh, The beautiful village surround by two main canals, ponds and rice fields, the total population was around 12 to 16 thousand in years back and cultivation is the main income source for the villagers. It’s about 40km from district headquarter Kakinada and 40 km from Rajahmundry. I was there till completed my boarding after thaSunrising from rice fields -Travel information, planning, experience sharing blogt our family moved to Visakhapatnam.

The Godavari is 6 km away from my village. We have nearly 3 to 4 Pushkar ghats at that time (now it’s more). I travelled by Horse buggy with my grandparents, those days horse buggy was the main mode of transport to travel people from one place to another place.

I couldn’t remember much about the trip because of the age but I still remember, we went to Kapileswarapuram Pushkar ghat and from there we went to Taatapudi Pushkar ghat and return to home.

It was my first interaction with the Godavari and it still continues, whenever I visit my hometown. The Godavari isTeki rice fields -Travel information, planning, experience sharing blog not a river for the people who born nearby river branch, It’s part of their life and has a lot of sweet memories.

You may be visited so many places in your lifetime, but your first travel memories and experience is the best forever if you can recall it.

Travel information, planning, experience sharing blog

I have a thought of sharing the places I have visited and some information about the trip and nearby places to visit. It’s my first step towards to write a blog and I believe it will continue the same way like my travel.

Go and visit new places and share your experience.

Thank you,

Sankar VNM