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Visiting Historical places are time traveling machines.

When you touch the  Taj Mahal walls in Agra or 1000 pillars temple in Warangal, you will have a thought about how they build and admire their creativity of sculpture.

History tells about our past and people who lived before you and It will help us to understand their life and culture. 

When you are visiting any new place its is good to know about the history of the place. It will help to understand better.

Here we are sharing the information about historical places around all over the world.


Kapileswarapuram is a small village in East Godavari district, It’s 6 km from my hometown Teki. Ravulapalam is the nearest town to this village. Kottapeta, Amalapuram are nearby places. With a bunch of friends used to visit Kapileswarapuram, because to get a signature with Mandal Revenue officer to submit at school, we almost all the time […]

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